AI as a Service

Industrial IoT - AI Inside!
Accelerate data analysis. Solve problems on a large scale.

At TECNOCAL, we firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental pillar in new business strategies and is also the core of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Due to our technical capabilities and strategic alliances, TECNOCAL's Artificial Intelligence platform connects all our Industrial IoT solutions and delivers value to each client. Deep insights enable us to help our clients increase efficiency, perform predictive maintenance, predict critical failures to resolve issues early and efficiently.

Industrial Assets
Reimagine Industrial Maintenance. Optimize Asset Operation.

TECNOCAL is breaking the current paradigm about scheduled maintenance. While it appears costly and inefficient, failures can be devastating and create an unsustainable effect on an organization's bottom line.

Our revolutionary, analytical Industrial IoT, solutions help minimize downtime and save millions of dollars in operational costs. Our clients receive actionable information through data analysis from sensors and machine learning, such as sub-optimal operating conditions, which identify impending failures before they occur.

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